Losing a Piece of Me

author: Brendan King | posted on: December 6, 2011 6:57 pm Just this Sunday, I learned that the place where I met most of my friends, my roommates, and truly enjoyed waking up and going to work is closing. I have been working at the Abercrombie and Fitch in Roanoke since June 2010 and because of this terrible economy, the company is closing not only one but two of its stores in the mall. 
The position of the two stores, the adult store and kid's store, are prime spots in a mall that can't seem to retain stores let alone bring in new ones. Right next to Santa and the train will no longer be the black wooden louvers or the shirtless greeter fist-pumping near the front. When the district manager told both stores in a crowded room near the back of the store, it was a truly surreal experience. It may sound cliche but you would never think it would happen to you and the fact that the managers and employees working there for so long would have to find new employment. 
More so, I think the company as a whole has molded me into the person I am today. It may be because of the 80 decibel electronic dance music blaring throughout the store or the bursts of Fierce that spray from the ceiling that made me become this way, but I definitely look at the world very different now. I try to achieve a look that can only be described as "casual luxury" and I try to attain what the company portrays as the look policy. 
Despite all of this, there are the countless friends that I have made that would truly be missed. This closing won't only affect the current employees, but also those who have graduated college or have been promoted to higher positions. 
I can truly say that I will miss the fact that my manager will get mad when I wear the wrong "style" of dark-wash jeans for my 4 hour shift.