I'm Excited

author: Devin McCue Emery | posted on: January 22, 2011 11:39 pm So our huge blog fan base probably isn't familiar with me. I'm Devin and I'm the station's business manager; and also the station's do everything that isn't covered in somebody else's job description manager. You're probably wondering why I'm excited. Well I'm excited for a variety of reasons. First off, as you may have seen on our facebook and twitter pages which I'm assuming that you follow, we are teaming up with National Lampoon College TV this semester. This means that we are going to be bringing you awesome content from an awesome name in entertainment. The only thing that could make it even more awesome is if they accepted content from us to be broadcast on their shows that will play on hundreds of schools around the country. Oh wait, THEY TOTALLY DO. What could be better than showing off what a Hokie tailgate is all about to all the lesser schools in the country? Very little, that's what.

So that's reason number one. Reason number two is that this semester is gearing up to be the best one ever for VTTV. That's right, I said ever. I dare you to prove me wrong. We have our old shows starting up production, new shows in development, a new website, and a new really cool HD camera. You're thinking that with so many pros there have to be at least a few cons, right? Well you're wrong, there is not a single con. The only possible con that could occur is that you don't watch our station. But I don't think that could happen, because that would hurt my feelings, and the feelings of everyone who works hard on all our shows. Don't be mean.

Until next time.