Breakdown Corner 1

author: | posted on: February 8, 2011 6:24 pm I just decided to start a blog that tells all about what is going on with the best show on VTTV, The Breakdown. Obviously since it is my TV show, there is no bias whatsoever in these statements. Let's get to the good stuff:

The Breakdown will feature its third new segment of the semester, (Untitled). Eventually it will have a title, but for not it's pending. The segment will feature Missy Reiss discussing the latest fashion blunders/success, while also touching upon the gossip that makes Hollywood, well, Hollywood. I'm excited for this segment because it's something that The Breakdown currently does not have and is in a dire need for. This will also bring a feminine side to the show to let woman feel less violated when watching me stand up there and spit my words with no meaning.

In other news, there is a theme to this week's episode. I think it's pretty apparent, but you never know who is watching. A little insight to this week's show: it's titled, Awesome Episode.

Yeah, I'm clever like that.