Welcome Back!

author: Devin McCue Emery | posted on: August 29, 2011 3:49 am

Greetings New and Returning VTTV-ers!


As most of you are aware, we will be having two general interest meetings this Monday and Tuesday at 7pm in our studio, Squires 340. It is only necessary to come to one, so plan on attending whichever one is more convenient for you. If you are unable to make either please e-mail vttv33@gmail.com and we can make alternative arrangements for you.


At the meeting we will go over the opportunities that we have to get involved including Sports, News, Entertainment, and Promotions. You will be able to meet our management staff and talk to the heads of the department(s) you are interested in.


If you are a returning member, feel free to come to  one of these meetings. If you are unable to, keep your eye out for the initial department meetings which will begin next week (week of the 5th) which will also mark the beginning of show production.


We are going to have a very fun and exciting year this year, and I look forward to having you all involved with it!