Hey yo, Fro-yo

author: Alex Ricketts | posted on: October 17, 2011 8:02 pm

Frozen yogurt is a gift from heaven itself. I find it difficult to express the amount of love I possess for such a Epicurean delight in mere words. It tastes like ice cream but it’s yogurt so you don’t have to feel like a tub of lard after.  Of course nothing can be eaten in excess, so after a summer of gorging myself on the tasty treat, I was relieved to come back to Blacksburg where there weren’t many fro yo shops to tempt my taste buds.  But the minute I rolled into town, I could sense it. Something delicious was calling my name…The Frosty Parrot.  Now, to my dismay, when I went to the shop I found out it wasn’t set to open until late September.  My heart sank, my stomach growled, and the tears poured. How could my favorite treat tease me so? Et tu fro yo, et tu? After everything we had been through?

Fortunately, I stood strong and survived until the opening.  And Holy Moley Me oh my- was it worth it. The Frosty Parrot is THE best frozen yogurt I have ever gotten my little paws on. Every flavor is delectable; vanilla, cookies n cream, red velvet.  But is the epic combo is definitely chocolate and peanut butter. 

But wait a minute, hold the phone…toppings.  Any garnish your palate desires the Parrot has it. Cookie Crisp, golden grahams, marshmallows, hot fudge, brownies; the list just goes on and on.  However, there is one thing that sets this fro yo shop a part from others in my book; MOCHI. Oh yeah this s*** just got real. Mochi is a sweet gummy-like rice cake delicacy from Asia and it’s total clutch.  I cannot get enough.

All this talk about frozen yogurt is making me drool so make a wild guess as to where I’m off too right now.  Yep, I’m off to Frosty Parrot(-dise) to get my fro-yo on and say to hi my friends Matt and Kyle the managers (yep, first name basis-sorry I’m not sorry!)