author: | posted on: October 27, 2011 10:12 pm If you haven't seen AMC's hit show Breaking Bad, you are missing perhaps one of the best television dramas in the past 5 years.

The show centers on Walter White, a former Nobel Peace Prize winning researcher turned high school chemistry teacher.  Unfortunately, he is forced to work two jobs due to mounting debt and providing for his pregnant wife, Skylar, and his handicapped son, Walter Jr.  He seems depressed, discouraged, and ready to give up on life.  Then he discovers he has developed terminal lung cancer, and has only months to live.  With his already mounting debt and his intention of leaving this world with his family well-off, he turns to ''the evil twin of chemistry'': The production and sale of methamphetamines.

The show brilliantly combines the violent underworld of the meth scene with the innocent teacher's vast knowledge of chemistry as he immediately creates the best crystal meth Albuquerque has ever seen.  He partners up with a former student, Jesse Pinkman, and begin a journey as Albuquerque's 2 newest bosses in the meth game.  They run into insane drug dealers, unstable cops, and murderous meth addicts.

This show has something for everyone; violence, romance, crime drama, suburban-life drama, and suspense just to name a few.  AMC has also taken a chapter from HBO's book and employed several unknown and novice actors to being a sense of reality to the show.  So go to Netflix and check it out!  You won't be disappointed.