Sex Talk...Revisited...Part 2....the sequel

author: Bernie Thrasher | posted on: December 18, 2010 8:18 pm Oh hey there, it's your pal Bernie, here to feed your preverbal craving for insider VTTV information
Long ago there was a time when I wasn't GM of the station, in fact, there was a time where I wasn't at VT at all. But that time passed, and I landed at Tech, curious as to what was up with the TV Station here. I asked many a person what the deal was with this place, and every time I got the same response.
Sex Talk.
By far VTTV's most popular and recognizable show of all time (and yes I recognize the redundancy in that statement). So when I first started working for VTTV my long time friend and current VTTV Business Manager, Devin, told me that it was essential to bring the show back.
...and I did

......and it sucked was boring as hell...
I repeat, I produced a show entitled SEX TALK and it was BORING AS HELL
So this year Nick Gacos (friend of the blog, arch enemy in real life) brings back Sex Talk with his friend Jordan producing. And it was funny, and entertaining, and due an unfortunate series of events it will never be seen! The raw footage was deemed TOO PROVOCATIVE FOR AMERICA. But something great came out of it.
During a man on the street interview Nick came across possibly the most perfect sex talk host ever. That's right people, WILT CHAMBERLIN IS GOING TO HOST SEX TALK!@#$%^&*()
haha, just kidding, but we did find a great new host, and it's going to be AMAZING. We start shooting episode 1 on get psyched!