Watch it where you PARK it

author: | posted on: October 31, 2011 2:08 pm

Imagine its 10 o’clock on a Monday and its the sixth time you have circled the parking lot. In a matter of 15 minutes you have managed to avoid two accidents and not to mention your class is about to begin.

Spotted. A sporty girl in yoga pants is trucking through the parking lot. You race down the aisle to “call her” before anyone sees her. Awkwardly you follow the girl to her car, but it’s justified because “hey, everyone’s done it.”

 Another car whips down the aisle. The only thing between you and the other car  is the girl who is frantically trying to find her keys in her unnecessarily large purse. You flick on the turn signal, take a deep breath and wait patiently for the girl to back out. You can’t believe your good fortune.

Right as the girl pulls out, the other car pulls a MacGyver move and glides right in to your parking spot. Talk about parking space thievery.

Running out of time you look to the left and see the empty faculty parking lot. It’s calling your name and hard to resist. You know that you are running the chance of getting a ticket, but rationalize that it’s only one class so you’ll be fine.

The clock hits 10:50 a.m., and you sprint out of class to hopefully make it to your car before parking services does. Gasping for air you reach the parking lot only to despairingly find that something was left behind. There’s a crisp orange envelope with a white ticket peeking through that was ever so gently placed under the wiper blade from yours truly, the parking attendant.

Ugh, so close. I was already conjuring up what I was going to say to appeal this dang ticket. It went something like this:

             “ Dear VT Parking Services,

                        You royally suck. I have now received my 3,473,289,347th parking                                     ticket from you, but I will not let you get away with it this time. I’ll see you in court or an appeal hearing among my peers!?

            Sincerely, YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE

Okay, that happens right?  Anyways, if this has happened to you, I feel your pain my fellow comrades. Parking services is MY worst nightmare.

 Clearly there isn’t sufficient parking for the number of students that commute to class each day. Some people say there’s a trick to finding a parking spot on campus, either go early or late. However, even then you aren’t guaranteed a space.

So what do you do? Well, my naive commuter, you take the matter into your own hands.

After my fourth ticket I wasn’t going to let them make a living off my misfortune anymore. I had a trick up my sleeve.

I managed not to rip the ticket to shreds and I kept it in my car. At the time I didn’t know that the little envelope that once brought such despair would be the solution to my troubles.

When all else failed and I had to park in the faculty lot, I would ever so gently place my ticket on my car just like the attendant had done so many times before. It was foolproof.

However, after the third time the parking attendant caught on to my little game and decided to play a little game of his own. He artfully slipped the fifth ticket directly behind my “foolproof” ticket.

I thought I dodged another ticket once again. However, to my dismay I wasn’t so clever anymore. I received my fifth ticket and unfortunately it wasn’t my final.

The only advice I can give you is to watch out. You can trick them once, you can trick them twice, but don’t be fooled by your fellow parking attendant. They are ruthless and are in a parking lot near you.