author: George TIllerson | posted on: November 29, 2011 3:31 am Who is this school that claims to be the best school in Virginia, located a two-hour drive north on I-81 with the horrid combination of blue and orange to their name? You tell me, because last Saturday it seemed that this school I keep hearing about didn't even exist on the football field.

That's right, we all know Virginia Tech arguably put together one of their best performances of the year in a 38-0 win over UVWho. But on a serious note, was this invisible team even there? I mean, it really didn't seem like it. The scoreboard agrees with me, because if there was that much hype going into this game about how competitive it will be this year, then there should at least be a couple of touchdowns on the board for the wahoos, right? WRONG.

If I was a UVWho student I would legitimately be embarrassed, especially if you're one of those who talked sooo much sh** all week and had absolutely nothing to show for it *cough cough Mike Everett. But seriously, one of my best friends from home, Mike Everett, a proud UVWho student, all week told me "this is the year we beat Tech; I know it; I can feel it." Umm, right, about that haha.

The even funnier part is, he still would make other excuses or bring up other points to try and not talk about the a** whopping the Hokies handed the Wahoos. Directly from Mr. Everett's facebook he wrote: "Talked mad ****, ate it. W/e VT bring a ncaa football championship to the state of Virginia, wait u haven't and u won't! UVA=team of Virginia...VT=good at bein ranked at football but not much else..#seethehands #yeahimembarrassedabouttheloss."

Like really? You salty doe!? lol His argument every time I make a better one or like Saturday when we beat the living daylights out of UVWho, is that Tech has no national championships. He's right, but what does that have to do with being totally embarrassed on national television with ACC Championship game implications on the line? Absolutely nothing.